Defenses to Marijuana Possession Charges

Defenses to Marijuana Possession Charges

Making the State Meet Its Burden of Proof in a Marijuana Case

An adversarial criminal justice system doesn’t function like it’s supposed to if defendants do not retain legal counsel or choose not to make the state meet its burden of proof. With that in mind, and even if you think there’s no possible way to avoid a conviction, talk with an experienced criminal defense lawyer before you talk to the prosecutor, police or anyone else.

At the law office of David E. Cook, we offer 15 years of substantial and proven experience in the criminal courts of Tarrant County and surrounding portions of North Texas. We have handled a countless number of marijuana possession cases. We understand the local court systems. And we know what to expect from prosecutors and judges who will be involved in your case.

You can rely on us to ask the right questions and to develop the defense strategies that will give us the best chance of minimizing the consequences of your arrest. In fact, Mr. Cook has been able to build successful defenses against marijuana possession charges based on the answers to each of these and other important questions:

  • Was the officer’s reasonable suspicion justified? Whether you were driving a car or walking down the street, a police officer must have a reasonable suspicion of criminal activity in order to stop you and investigate further.
  • Was there a legal search and seizure? Without your consent or a warrant based on probable cause, an officer’s ability to search you is very limited. Fortunately for defendants, law enforcement authorities often overstep those limits.
  • Did you have actual possession of the marijuana or was it found near you instead? If the marijuana was found nearby but not on your person, a strong argument can be made that the marijuana was not in your possession and did not belong to you.
  • Did you have knowledge that the marijuana was there? Even if marijuana was found in a place, such as your car or your apartment, the state still must prove that you had knowledge it was there. We make the state meet that burden of proof.

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