DWI: First Offense Information

DWI: First Offense Information

An Experienced Tarrant County DWI Defense Lawyer

If you have recently been arrested and charged with your first DWI, you cannot assume that the prosecutor or judge will go easy on you. They might — but it isn’t in their job descriptions and it doesn’t often happen.

As a First time DWI offender, an important part of your job is to make it as easy as you possibly can for the prosecutor or judge to see you in a favorable light. With that said, here are two proactive steps you can take right now to help your own cause later:

  • Enroll in a DWI education class: There is a number of state-approved DWI education classes offered in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The classes focus on Texas DWI laws, alcohol and drug dependency issues, and the effect of alcohol and drugs on both the human body and driving skills. To complete the class, you must attend every session in the proper order and pass a test on subjects covered by the instructor.
  • Get a substance abuse evaluation: Whether you think you have a problem with alcohol, know that you do or are absolutely certain that you don’t, the prosecutor and the judge are not going to take your word for it. They are going to want a professional opinion from someone else.

Minimizing the Damage

Because even a first offense DWI conviction is one too many, you need an experienced DWI defense attorney fighting for your rights and future. Even if you believe you were clearly in the wrong or that there is no way to win the case, the system is built with the expectation that a charged individual will have defense counsel.

At the law office of David E. Cook, we understand the law, what your rights are and just how significantly a DWI charge can impact your life. We are a small law firm with a great deal of experience, a proven reputation, and a commitment to giving each client the time and attention he or she deserves. We will take the time to make a difference in your case, and we will aggressively pursue every opportunity to minimize the consequences of this arrest.

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