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If you are facing a second DWI offense in Texas, or worse, then you may face serious penalties if convicted. Police officers and prosecutors have one goal in mind — to put drunk drivers behind bars. With your future and your freedom on the line, it is important to have representation on your side that can rise to the challenge.

At our Texas law office, attorney David E. Cook has been representing people in Fort Worth and Tarrant County DWI cases for 15 years. We know how the prosecution plans to convict people like you, because we know the courts and the prosecutors. We can help you build a defense to minimize fines, penalties, probation or jail time.

A Law Office Built on the Foundation of DWI Defense

We are proud to represent people in a wide range of criminal defense cases, but for more than a decade, we have made our name in the area by making a real difference in DWI cases. We know that DWI cases can be fought and won, because we have proved time and again that having the right lawyer on your side can make a difference.

Depending on the facts of your case, our lawyer may be able to help you fight a second Texas DWI offense:

If you are facing drunk driving charges and the possible penalties that come with a conviction, such as extended driver’s license suspension or even a felony DWI charge with the possibility of extended jail time, then it is important to have a DUI attorney that can challenge the prosecution. You have rights from the moment the lights flash in your rear view mirror, and we will work to help you protect them.

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