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A Texas Forgery Defense Lawyer With 15 Years of Experience

From forged signatures on checks or credit cards to passing fake bills, forgery is an increasingly prosecuted crime in a world where a person’s identity carries incredible weight. These are very serious crimes that can quickly result in years of prison time, and clients are sometimes surprised to discover how aggressively prosecutors will pursue a forgery charge.

Do not hesitate to get a dependable lawyer on your side if you have been accused of a major, felony theft crime like forgery. At the David E. Cook law office, our lawyer provides experienced defense for forgery cases throughout Fort Worth and Tarrant County. We work closely with clients keeping them involved, informed and well defended.

We Take on Complex Felony Theft Crimes and Forgery Cases

Our firm is focused on serving the people of Tarrant County and providing client focused criminal defense. That means we will work to explore all options for successfully resolving your case, and we will be thoroughly prepared to fight for your rights in and out of the courtroom.

As an experienced theft crimes attorney, David E. Cook can take on forgery cases involving:

Even if you are first time offender, you need a lawyer on your side that can provide strong defense to avoid the serious penalties and consequences that come with a forgery conviction. Any forgery conviction can carry substantial jail time, hefty fines, a permanent mark on your criminal record and unexpected long term challenges for seeking employment, education or even a place to live.

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When you hire a lawyer for your forgery defense, work with someone that will treat you with the respect you deserve and give your case the attention it needs. As a small firm with proven experience, we have the knowledge, reputation and resources to make a difference.

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