No Drop Policy of Domestic Violence Cases

Texas’ Domestic Violence No Drop Policy

Fort Worth Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

The Tarrant County District Attorney’s office has a no-drop policy regarding Family Violence cases. What this means is that once the case is filed with the District Attorney’s office, it is NOT up to the victim to drop the charges. It is up to the prosecutor’s discretion whether or not they will dismiss or prosecute a case.

If the victim of the assault feels that there are extenuating circumstances to the assault or that the crime was not reported accurately, they can schedule an interview with the Family Violence Coordinator to discuss these circumstances. The Coordinator then reports this information back to the prosecutor for each case.

Before the victim can meet with the Coordinator, they are required to attend a four-hour program called “Alternatives.” The Alternatives program educates the victim on the legal process and the resources available to victims of Family Violence. The Alternatives program is offered at the Women’s Haven in Fort Worth and at the Women’s Shelter in Arlington. There is no cost for attending the Alternatives Program.

The victim must schedule the classes and the interview themselves. Appointments will not be scheduled if someone else calls for the victim. Attending the class and completing the interview does not guarantee that a charge will be dismissed. The prosecutor will use the information from the interview along with the police report, and all other evidence gathered to make a decision on the case.

Women’s Haven – (817) 536-5496

Women’s Shelter – (817) 548-0583

Family Violence Unit Coordinator – (817) 884-3535

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